The Grate Litter Box

The Grate Litter Box



Every cat lover knows what a mess having a litter box can present but also how particular our feline friends can be when it comes to their bathroom habits. The Grate Litter Box was designed with the needs of the kitty and their human in mind, reducing litter tracking by 90% or more when compared to other leading boxes! Along with significantly reducing litter tracking, it also has several other key features that make this box the ideal solution for your litter box needs; and a modern design suited for placement in a variety of spaces throughout your home.

  • The Grate   Grate to capture litter as the cat exits the box, eliminating nearly all tracking. A removable tray under the grate allows you to recycle collected litter back into the box.
  • The Walls   Dividing interior walls ensure the cat crosses the grate upon exiting. They also deter dogs from accessing the litter area and the seamless design prevents urine leaks and contains litter flinging.
  • The Windows   Two windows for easy viewing and venting.
  • The Entry   Easy entry for cats of all ages and abilities.
  • The Venting   Housing in the lid for a charcoal filter to contain odors.
  • The Hook   Hook provided to hang your litter scoop inside the box.
  • U.S. Patent No. 11,026,396

Product Details:

Includes: Two disposable carbon filters to absorb odors (size 6 3/8″ x 4 1/4″) and a hook to hang your scoop.

Assembly:  No assembly required except for filter installation

Overall Size: approx. 31”x23”x19”

Size of Litter Area: The base is approx. 12″x15″, tapering out towards the top to approx. 16″x19″, giving kitty plenty of “elbow room.”

Weight: approx. 14lbs

Color: Gray body and lid, green grate and drawer

Material: polypropylene

* Scoop not included

Additional information

Weight14 lbs
Dimensions31 × 23 × 19 in

With Lid, Without

31 reviews for The Grate Litter Box

  1. Sadie K

    We love this box. It has a place to hang your scooper and the cat litter doesn’t make it out of the box. Compared to the large open style box we have, it smells better and lasts longer. My cats aren’t thin but they still can easily use it. 10/10, a great investment.

  2. Steven Hicks

    Brilliant and it works! I’ve moved it so the cat can’t run out the door by having the opening blocked, partially, by another tub. Now its about 100% clean. Even with the opening fully accessible its 95%+ cleaner than a standard covered litter box. Easy to dump the grate tray. I would have had the scooper holder on the outside as I don’t want the cat brushing by it the fur would touch it. Its the largest litter box I’ve ever seen yet the lid fits perfectly. The filter was an odd size for the lid slots, I don’t use it as its in the garage anyways. If you have the room buy one.

  3. Kim R

    My cats immediately took to this litter box, and it has been wonderful not having to clean up as much tracked litter as before! The grate does a, well, great job of collecting most of the litter from the paws of my kids once they are done using the potty. (The only time it doesn’t is when one of them decides to go out the “front window” instead of the door…because, you know, cats.) We all love it!

  4. mitch

    This is exactly what I have been designing in my head for the past 15 years. Stellar. If I could make one change, it would be to make the lid maybe of a screening material so that a cat who doesn’t want to feel too enclosed might still be interested. And maybe make the lid a bit easier to get back on, or even a hinged flip top. But it’s truly a great solution for our cat/dog mixed house. We’ve improvised lots of solutions over the years, from microchip-reading pet doors to hacked IKEA cabinets to plastic storage bins. Each had drawbacks that this just doesn’t. I’m planning to buy more for my fosters in addition to another for my own cats. Great job.

  5. Amy G. (verified owner)

    This litter box is exactly what I needed! I was a little worried my cat wouldn’t like the enclosed box but he actually loves peeking out the windows when he’s inside. There’s virtually no litter tracking and my dog can’t get into the box. Love it!

  6. Jason G. (verified owner)

    We absolutely LOVE your litter box so we are buying another. Great job on this product!!!!

  7. Lucy (verified owner)

    This litter box does exactly what it says it does! It’s a game changer and we love it! I have no more mess coming out of the litter box, virtually all of the litter stays inside the box. Our kitty loves to fling litter everywhere and that is no longer a problem. I love that I can reuse the litter that falls in the grate! My kitty LOVES the little windows. She also has no problem fitting in the box and she’s a hefty 18lbs! We also never smell the dirty litter any more, this box does a great job at keeping the smell at bay. I also appreciate that there is a place inside the box to store the scoop so we don’t have to worry about where to store that any more. I can’t recommend this box enough, we loved it so much we got a second one and won’t ever go back to any other boxes.

  8. Beth

    WOW! I went from sweeping in front of the litter box every day to almost never having to sweep! It’s truly amazing how much litter this box catches! This litter box is classy and looks so much more clean than our old traditional box (which is now in the trash)! I was worried our cats wouldn’t like being enclosed, but I was wrong, they really love this box and refuse to use anything else. This box is a win!

  9. Adam M (verified owner)

    I saw your litter box at the local animal shelter and noticed how the cats there loved it so I mentioned it to my wife. As she was getting ready to buy a new litter box we discussed The Grate Litter Box. We left it empty for the first few days and our orange tabby got real comfortable with it. Jeep (our tabby), my wife and I all give The Grate Litter Box five stars and thumbs up, what a Grate idea!!!!

  10. Janet (verified owner)

    This box is great (grate!). We got our new cat from the Humane Society, after being without cats for almost 10 years. We wanted her to feel comfortable. The closed-in design provided a safe place for her in her first few days. The design is brilliant and removes any chance of “mess.”

  11. M

    Definitely dog-proof. We got a kitten and puppy as COVID-era pets to console our children. We had to find a litter box that the dog couldn’t get into. This Grate Litter Box is the best design so far and it didn’t take any effort for our cat to get used to it. The cat gets her privacy and the dog can’t fit. But now she is getting large though, so I fear she will outgrow this size box. It’s easy to clean and I wash the whole thing whenever I fully replace the litter.

  12. Tracy M.

    Perfect dog proof litter box. Looks great, very sturdy, easy to clean, and the cats love it!

  13. Sheila J.

    I am glad I found it. Works great! Just what I needed.

  14. Rob J.

    Works really well to stop tracking.

  15. Michelle C.

    Better than expected! We have 2 cats and only have to scoop once a day

  16. Michell D.

    I mainly bought this because my dog was getting into the cat pop bin. Well not anymore! This is the best invention ever!!!

  17. Kimberly W.

    Works great to hide the cat box from view and keep the pups out!

  18. Chris B.

    Best litter box ever! Well worth the money- no tracking of litter, it stays in the box!

  19. Diana A.

    Love this for my 2 cats there is barley any trace of cat litter when they are leaving their box.

  20. Zoe S.

    I was desperate for a solution to the litter strewed all over the floor outside of the litter box after my zealous feline friends kept managing to dislodge the top and kick litter everywhere. Something with a higher opening seemed the way to go. I was hesitant to get this because of the price point and how few reviews there were. If you are hesitating, don’t! This thing is inspired! The space for them to “do their thing” is a bit tighter but the box is tall so even my big boy cat loves it. In fact he might love it a little too much. He was hanging out so long in there that I thought I may have to slip him a magazine. And then he wanted to just hang out in the “waiting area” so I had to eventually show him that that was not going to work because his sister needs to be able to go in there too. The “waiting area” is inspired. It’s really not a waiting area but the ramp in but it has a grate over the tray so that any litter that is still attached to the little paw as they are walking out is basically being caught in that tray which you can then remove and dump out. Completely accomplished what I set out to solve!

  21. Leslie F.

    This has been so amazing. I didn’t think my cats would use it but they used it right away. I was so happy. It is a great idea!! Litter is contained! I have tried to many other things. Even litter box enclosures but one cat would end up peeing inside and not the litter box. This is perfect. Even if he marks while inside it’s the actual box and not a particle board enclosure that I had to end up throwing out. I wish the outside was “prettier” since I have it in a visible area but I can deal with it!

  22. Michelle E.

    Brilliant for bunnies!

  23. Shelby

    Great at keeping litter in the box and not on my floor!!! Easy to change out clean as well.

  24. Kellie

    I love this litter box! The litter tracking is almost completely gone and my dogs can’t snack from the litter anymore either. It’s amazing!

  25. Lisa

    I wish I had found this years ago! Dogs can’t get in there, litter is contained, easy to clean up the litter, and it’s a decent size for the cat!

  26. Briana

    This litter box is great! I have one average size cat and one larger cat. Both can us the litter box with ease. There is a little tracking when using clay litter. I switched over to pretty litter and the trap now catches everything, leaving no litter on my floor.

  27. Allegheny Veterinary

    I purchased this for my kitten. She loves it. Keeps litter scatter very very minimal. As she grows it will easily accommodate her. It keeps my dogs out too!

  28. Anonymous

    It keeps out cat’s litter area clean. This product is amazing and I wish I would have found it sooner.

  29. Angela

    I love it. My cat likes it too.

  30. Kate

    This thing is amazing!! No more kitty crunchies with a trail of crumbs leading directly to the dog bed. Fits great in an unused closet with the door removed in our laundry room.

  31. Dawn

    This letterbox is great! I have finally found a front entry letterbox that my dogs can’t get into!!

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