Our Story

We took our three daughters to the local animal shelter to get a cat and ended up coming home with three! We quickly learned how messy having three cats could be and our dogs quickly learned of the “treats” left behind in the litter box. We didn’t mind cleaning the litter boxes but hated the litter mess that was tracked out of the boxes and throughout our house. We tried numerous boxes and mats that said they helped with litter scatter but nothing worked for us or our cats.  So we did a little brainstorming and built our own boxes. The results were amazing!

We thought long and hard when designing and building our first prototype. Our ultimate goal was to tackle and reduce litter scatter but we also knew it was equally important that our cats like the box too. Since our kids chose our three cats from the animal shelter we also let them paint this box the colors of their choice.
When our oldest daughter went off to college she wanted to take one of our feline-friends with her so we used our first prototype as a model and made a smaller version for her apartment. She still uses this box in her home today.
As we continued to work with our first and second prototypes we realized that having the grate next to the litter area instead of in front of the litter area would take up a lot less space and fit better in many homes, it also provided the opportunity to reduce litter scatter further by now having a dividing interior wall. This design worked so well that this is the prototype we used when making our designs for manufacturing.

Our Inspiration