Frequently Asked Questions

The overall dimensions of the box are approximately 31”x23”x19.”
The dimensions of the litter area are approximately 12″ x 16″ at the base with the walls tapering out to approximately 16″ x 22″ at the top, giving kitty plenty of “elbow room.”

Not at this time but we’d like to offer multiple colors. Send your ideas to

The grate was designed to help spread the cats’ paws apart to release the litter from between their pads. It is also long enough that the cat has to take multiple steps across it to get as much litter out as possible.

Our box is designed to accommodate most average size cats. We know of kitties up to 18lbs using the box comfortably.

Not at this time but we plan to in the future.

Experts recommend having at least one more box than the number of cats in your household.

Due to the nature of the cat’s paw, it is virtually impossible to remove all of the litter. Our tests show over a 90% reduction in litter tracking with The Grate Litter Box compared to a traditional box.

It holds a filter that is 6 3/8” x 4 ¼” or 6 1/2″ x 6″.

We sell them on our website, click here (link to cart?) to order.

Some cats are more particular than others. The Grate Litter Box provides them privacy to do their business but the windows allow them to see out so they don’t feel trapped as they might in other enclosed litter boxes. The Grate Litter Box is also taller than most enclosed boxes allowing the cat to more naturally stand upright to go to the bathroom. If your cat does not like the enclosure you can easily remove the lid.

Any clumping-style litter.