Don’t Spread it, GRATE IT!

The Ultimate Litter Box that Actually Controls Scatter by over 90%!



Does your litter box
look like this?

The days of messy litter boxes and trails of kitty litter are gone! The Grate Litter Box was designed to trap litter before your cat is able to make a mess and track it around the house. The days of following your kitty around with a broom or vacuum are behind you.


FINALLY…a litter box that
actually controls scatter!

Litter gets trapped in your cat’s paws when they use their litter box allowing that litter to easily find it’s way out of the box and into your house. Many cats are also aggressive litter kickers and have the tendency to kick the litter out of their box. The Grate Litter Box stops litter in its tracks, reducing scatter by 90% or more compared to a traditional litter box!


You Need The Grate Litter Box!

The Grate Litter Box provides easy access for cats of all ages and abilities, while also including a dividing interior wall deterring dogs from accessing the litter area. Designed with high, seamless walls you won’t have to worry about aggressive litter flinging or urine leaks. If you are tired of feeling like you are constantly cleaning up kitty litter in your home, The Grate Litter Box is the one for you! The grate captures litter as your cat exits, and the removable tray under the grate allows you to recycle collected litter back into the box.

Make the change to The Grate Litter Box, your cat will be happy you did it!


Easily accessible for cats of all ages and abilities,
The Grate Litter Box significanly reduces
scatter and prevents urine leaks.



Average rating: 4.83 based on 24 reviews

The Grate Litter Box

Michelle E.

Brilliant for bunnies!

The Grate Litter Box

Leslie F.

This has been so amazing. I didn’t think my cats would use it but they used it right away. I was so happy. It is a great idea!! Litter is contained! I have tried to many other things. Even litter box enclosures but one cat would end up peeing inside and not the litter box. This is perfect. Even if he marks while inside it’s the actual box and not a particle board enclosure that I had to end up throwing out. I wish the outside was “prettier” since I have it in a visible area but I can deal with it!

The Grate Litter Box


Definitely dog-proof. We got a kitten and puppy as COVID-era pets to console our children. We had to find a litter box that the dog couldn’t get into. This Grate Litter Box is the best design so far and it didn’t take any effort for our cat to get used to it. The cat gets her privacy and the dog can’t fit. But now she is getting large though, so I fear she will outgrow this size box. It’s easy to clean and I wash the whole thing whenever I fully replace the litter.