Finally a cat litter box that actually helps prevent the spread of litter!

benefits of our product

The Grate

Grate to capture litter as the cat exits the box, controlling scatter. A removable tray under the grate to recycle collected litter back into the box.

The Walls

Dividing interior wall to ensure cat crosses grate upon exiting and helps deter dogs from accessing the litter area. Seamless design to prevent over spray and litter flinging.

The Windows

Two windows for easy viewing and venting.

The Entry

Easy entry for cats of all ages, sizes and abilities.

The Hook

Hook to hang the litter scoop inside the box.

The Venting

Housing in the lid for a charcoal filter.

breaking down our box

Where and When Can I Get One?

We're considering Kickstarter, working on setting up our online store and making retail connections. The Grate Litter Box should be available in late 2019/early 2020. Stay tuned!

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