Finally a cat litter box that actually helps prevent the spread of litter!


The Grate Litter Box

Our Product

 The Grate Litter Box was designed with a focus on significantly reducing litter spread throughout the home, but also has many other benefits that would make us the PURRFECT choice for you and your furry friends! 

The Grate – Our litter box has a grate and removable tray that runs the entire length of the litter box opening to litter region that the cat must cross. Crossing this grate when exiting causes the litter that is trapped in your cat's paws to fall into the tray rather then be spread throughout your home. When your cat is done with their business, the tray can be removed so that the litter caught by the grate can be reused. 

Partition Wall – In our litter box is a partition wall that is adjacent to the entrance. The benefit being that the placement of the partition wall within our box prevents the cats from bypassing the grate, kicking out litter when burying their waste, as well as the added benefit of keeping dogs from snacking on the waste. 

Seamless Body – The entire body of the litter box is one seamless piece, which means that urine cannot leak from the box and into your home.  No more problems with overspray!

Ventilated Design – No cat likes to feel trapped and no owner likes to deal with a stinky litter box! The box is designed with windows that help cats not feel trapped and encourages them to use the box. The Grate Litter Box has a vented lid that also includes a charcoal filter housing to help eliminate odors. 

Additional Benefits - The Grate Litter Box is designed to be easily accessible for cats of all ages and abilities. There's a hook to hang a litter scoop inside or outside the box  for easy storage. 

Where You Can Get It

As we prepare to officially launch, we will first be offering The Grate Litter Box through our Kickstarter campaign that will be launching very soon!